Denis Dillenberger

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Three-dimensional laser range finders provide autonomous systems with vast amounts of information. However, autonomous robots navigating in unstructured environments are usually not interested in every geometric detail of their surroundings. Instead, they require real-time information about the location of obstacles and the condition of drivable areas.In(More)
The RoboCup rescue robot league is part of RoboCup since 2000. Although there were minor adaptations in the rules, the basic testing concept of finding simulated victims in a mockup disaster scenario remained the same. Recent observation of events outside RoboCup such as the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) showed that it is important to evaluate the specific(More)
This paper describes the approach of the team resko@UniKoblenz for the RoboCup Rescue competition 2009. Our mobile system Robbie is based on a MobileRobots Pioneer 3 AT. It is equipped with a four-wheel drive and sonar sensors in the front and in the back. On this platform, an aluminum rack is installed where additional sensors are attached: three color(More)
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