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  • G D Sutherland, D T O 'brien, +45 authors Mal
  • 2006
The use of trade, firm, or corporation names in this publication is for the information and convenience of the reader. Such use does not constitute an official endorsement or approval by the Government of British Columbia of any product or service to the exclusion of any others that may also be suitable. Contents of this report are presented for discussion(More)
Cover photo: Digital elevation model using IKONOS imagery and overview RADARSAT-1 image of study area. Funding for this extension product was provided by Forest Renewal BC — a partnership of forest companies, workers, environmental groups, First Nations, communities, and government. Forest Renewal BC funding—from stumpage fees and royalties that forest(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the proposal that pre-shot occipital electroencephalogram (EEG) alpha-power reactivity would not only associate with, but also have a causal role in, the relative success of performance outcome in expert air-pistol shooting. Six expert air-pistol shooters performed a sixty-shot match, individually, while(More)
Cerebral activity, as reflected by power in the alpha waveband (8-13 Hz), was examined prior to the performance of three tasks with different effort and accuracy requirements. The study aimed to further investigate changes in activity observed in an earlier study in which expert karate performers exhibited significant increases in alpha band power during(More)
The aim of the study is to assess the sensitivity and specificity of different techniques and their ability to act as screening tools in relation to dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) in a group of 208 postmenopausal women. In this study we examined eight screening systems for the diagnosis of osteoporosis, the osteoporosis self-assessment tool (OST),(More)
Cover photo: QuickBird image of forested area, with close-up of harvested site. SUMMARY Aerial photography, either black-and-white or color, and of variable scale, is the remote sensing technology with which most forest managers are familiar. Recently, forest managers have been adding other types of remote sensing to their toolboxes. For example, new(More)
The direction of anxiety--the positive or negative nature of competition-related cognitions--is an important distinguishing variable that accounts for significant individual differences. However, very little is known about the pre- and in-event patterning of the construct, specifically how it changes over time. The aims of this study were to establish the(More)
A replication of Wertheim's (1981) visual pursuit tracking study examined the reactivity of the posterior EEG alpha rhythm to two tracking tasks. Twelve subjects visually tracked a light spot moving in a predictable or an unpredictable path. The EEG was recorded from O1, O2, P3, P4, T5, and T6, referenced to linked mastoids, and power for the alpha(More)
WHAT IS LIDAR? Lidar (light detection and ranging system) is a relatively new type of active remote sensing technology that is capable of simultaneously mapping terrain and vegetation heights with sub-metre vertical and horizontal accuracy (Figure 1). The most common type of lidar sensors operating within British Columbia are small-footprint, discrete(More)