Denis Chatelain

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BACKGROUND Systematic screening for liver fibrosis in heavy-drinking patients is a challenge. Aims To assess Fibroscan for non-invasive diagnosis of asymptomatic liver fibrosis in alcohol abuse patients, to determine diagnostic liver stiffness cut-off values and to compare performance of Fibroscan with seven non-invasive laboratory tests. METHODS One(More)
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer with a tendency to invade surrounding healthy tissues, leading to a largely incurable disease. Despite many advances in modern medicine, there is still a lack of early biomarkers as well as efficient therapeutical strategies. The melastatin-related transient receptor(More)
Inflammatory bowel diseases are characterized by a deregulated immune response targeting the gut bacterial flora. Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells are major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class Ib-restricted innate-like lymphocytes with anti-bacterial functions. They display an effector/memory phenotype and are found in large numbers in the(More)
The ciliated hepatic foregut cyst is an unusual solitary cystic lesion of the liver. In a series of 7 cases of hepatic ciliated cysts, we performed a histological, histochemical, and immunohistochemical study to better define the histogenesis of this rare entity. The patients were 4 women and 3 men, aged 39 to 75 years. Four patients presented with(More)
Groove pancreatitis is a rare form of segmental chronic pancreatitis that involves the anatomic space between the head of the pancreas, the duodenum, and the common bile duct. We report 2 cases of groove pancreatitis with pancreatic heterotopia in the minor papilla. Patients were a 44-year-old woman and a 47-year-old man. Both had a past history of alcohol(More)
The effects of a 3-day water deprivation were studied in adult female rats in order to know what are the different zones of the adrenal gland and the hormonal factors involved in the growth and the activity of the adrenal gland. Water deprivation significantly increased plasma renin activity (PRA), plasma Angiotensin II (AII), vasopressin (AVP),(More)
UNLABELLED Colonic pseudolipomatosis is a rare and benign condition. It is not well known by gastroenterologists and its pathogenesis is still unclear. METHODS All cases of colonic pseudolipomatosis seen between February 2002 and June 2004 at the Amiens Universisty Hospital were identified and analyzed. RESULTS During this period, 2099 colonoscopies(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality among patients with severe acute alcoholic hepatitis is high, even among those treated with glucocorticoids. We investigated whether combination therapy with glucocorticoids plus N-acetylcysteine would improve survival. METHODS We randomly assigned 174 patients to receive prednisolone plus N-acetylcysteine (85 patients) or only(More)
We report an unusual case of acinar cell cystadenoma of the pancreas in a 52-year-old man treated for pulmonary adenocarcinoma. The lesion, located in the body of the pancreas, was revealed incidentally by abdominal computed tomography during follow-up for a pulmonary neoplasm. A left pancreatectomy was performed. The unilocular cystic lesion measured 5 cm(More)