Denis Brion

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To target DNA A.T tracts, a three-ring polyamide containing an N-methylpyrrole amino acid has been linked, on solid support, to carboxylic derivatives of phenanthroline and dimers of phenanthroline: 2-Clip-Phen, 3-Clip-Phen, or 2-Clip-Phen containing a long tether. After metalation by CuCl(2), the DNA cleavage activities of the different conjugates were(More)
Chemical sequestration is a natural process taking place in sediments and soils which reduces the availability of hydrophobic compounds such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The rate of sequestration following the release of PAHs into the aquatic environment is still unexplored. To measure kinetic parameters and investigate governing factors of(More)
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