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Constraint Logic Programming can be advantageously used to deal with quadratic constraints stemming from the verification of planar geometry theorems. A hybrid symbolic-numeric representation involving radicals and multiple precision rationals is used to denote the results of quadratic equations. A unification-like algorithm tests for the equality of two(More)
This paper presents DOP8: a Data Mining Iterative Cycle that improves the classical data life cycle. While the latter only combines the data production and data analysis phases, DOP8 also integrates the analysis operators life cycle. In this cycle, data life cycle and operators life cycle processing meet in the data analysis step. This paper also presents a(More)
Cet article soutient le point de vue que les Environnements Informatis es d'Apprentissage Humain (EIAH) ne consid erent pas as-sez l'enseignant comme un utilisateur potentiel distinct de l'apprenant. Aussi, le n eologisme \pr eceptoriel" est introduit pour d ecrire des EIAH ayant une approche centr ee sur le professeur. Le domaine des logiciels de(More)
We present a student's modelling process in algebra which consists of two phases. The first phase is a local diagnosis where a student's transformation of an expression A into an expression B is diagnosed with a sequence of rewriting rules. A library of correct and incorrect rules has been built for that purpose. The second phase uses a lattice of(More)
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