Denis A. Nikishin

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Despite abundant research studies on the physiological and biochemical nature of embryonic neurotransmitter function, little is known about the molecular genetic mechanisms involved. The expression of the main components of the serotonergic system during early Xenopus embryogenesis was investigated using RT-PCR, real time PCR and in situ hybridization.(More)
Neurotransmitters (including serotonin and acetylcholine) perform a number of prenervous functions in early sea urchin development. To detect the particular receptor components involved in these processes, we carried out a database search and nucleotide sequences homologous to serotonin receptor type 4, and the α6- and α10-subunits of nicotinic(More)
It is known that endogenous mechanical stress in the tissues of developing organisms is involved in regulating both morphogenesis and cell differentiation. These processes can be regulated by bioelectrical signals. Mechanosensitive ion channels are the structures that transform the mechanical stimulus into the bioelectrical signal. In this work we study the(More)
Reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) investigation of the expression of the components supposedly taking part in serotonin regulation of the early development of Paracentrotus lividus has shown the presence of transcripts of five receptors, one of which has conservative amino acid residues characteristic of monoaminergic receptors. At(More)
Ciguatoxins (CTX) and brevetoxins (BTX) are polycyclic ethereal compounds biosynthesized by the worldwide distributed planktonic and epibenthic dinoflagellates of Gambierdiscus and Karenia genera, correspondingly. Ciguatera, evoked by CTXs, is a type of ichthyosarcotoxism, which involves a variety of gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms, while BTXs(More)
Tripeptide glycyl-prolyl-proline (PGP), a regulatory peptide of the glyproline family, possesses a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect primarily due to its ability to prevent secretion of the proinflammatory mediator histamine by rat peritoneal mast cells. Activation of mast cell with synacthen (ACTH1-24) and substance 48/80 leads to an increase in(More)
Effect of mechanical stretch on the differentiation of axial anlages and Chordin gene expression was studied in sandwich explants prepared from embryonic tissues of Xenopus laevis at the early gastrula stage in two variants: with dissected or intact dorso-medial region. In the first case, convergent cell movements were suppressed and properly organized(More)
64 Growth and morphogenesis of all rudiments of colonial hydroid polyps occurs due to pulsation of a specialized apical portion of the colony body, the growing tips. Growth pulsation is a result of recurrent proximal–distal waves of contractions and relaxations of epi and gastrodermal cells. There is no prolifera tion within the growing tips and growth is(More)
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