Denis A. Migov

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The new algorithmic technique which allow higher efficiency in the precise calculation of the reliability of an undirected graph with absolutely reliable nodes and unreliable edges is considered in this paper. As graph's reliability we mean its probabilistic connectivity. The proposed technique is based on the reduction of the dimension of a calculated(More)
A network with reliable nodes and unreliable links is considered. Diameter constrained network reliability is defined as a probability that a set of terminals of a network are linked by operational paths with number of included edges less or equal to given integer. Calculation of diameter constrained network reliability is known to be NP-hard problem, as(More)
Network optimization problems in conditions of constraints are NP-hard problems mostly. Genetic Algorithms are applicable solution for network structure optimization and for obtaining good results within acceptable periods of time. In this study we consider the problem of network topology optimization with unreliable communication channels and perfectly(More)
Over the past few years wireless sensor networks applications have evolved from a stage where these networks were designed in a technology-dependent manner to a stage where some conceptual understanding issues now exist. As wireless sensor networks are deployed, energy consumption emerges as a core requirement. Recent advances in energy harvesting(More)