Dening Zhang

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For meeting the practical needs of the rapid development in the electric power system, the automatic meter reading system is designed in this paper. The micro-controller STC12C5A60S2 is used as the core-component. The 485 circuit which is made up of the half duplex (HD) transceiver SN65LBC184 is used for data acquisition. The whole circuit is controlled by(More)
In the traditional fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm (FCM), determination of initial cluster centers and the number of clusters is hard, and interference exists during image segmentation for space information of image isnpsilat considered. In order to overcome the shortcomings above, initial cluster centers and the number of clusters were ascertained by(More)
An environmental monitoring system is designed to deal with the problems in current solar greenhouse, which mainly composed of concentrator (data exchange terminal) and sampler (sampling terminals). Information of environmental parameter acquired by different sensors in sampling terminals were transmitted to the concentrator by the radio frequency module, a(More)
The battery online monitoring device is regarded as the research object, a scheme based on Cirrus logic's EP9315 processor and embedded Linux operating system is proposed. Short-distance wireless communication technology is adopted to transfer data. The hardware structure and software design of the system are also introduced. The battery inner resistance is(More)
For winding deformation of power transformer, the on-line monitoring system of winding deformation of power transformer is designed based on ARM and FPGA in this paper. The system describes the specific hardware and some software programs in detail and simultaneously describes the specific application of FPGA in data collection system of the transformer.(More)
In the comprehensive error of energy metering device, only metering error of voltage drop of TV secondary circuit can be reduced by some technical improvement measures. This paper introduces a portable intellectual instrument used to measure PT secondary drop of voltage transformer based on metering, while relying on dsPIC30F6010 single chip, as well as the(More)
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