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BACKGROUND Pulmonary hypertension (PH) results from several etiologies, with possible geographic influences; however, few studies have described the etiological frequency of PH, especially in our country. It is not clear whether there is an association between etiology and pulmonary pressure level or symptom intensity. OBJECTIVES 1) to describe the(More)
Resultados: Foram estudados 48 pacientes com PSAP de 86 ± 24 mmHg. Quanto à etiologia, 42% dos pacientes foram classificados como idiopáticos, seguidos de 25% de esquistossomose, 19% de cardiopatia congênita e 10% de embolia pulmonar crônica. O maior tempo de doença prediz pressões mais elevadas em cardiopatas. Indivíduos com esquistossomose tiveram melhor(More)
The major objectives of clinical and laboratory assessment are shown in Chart 1. Meeting those goals allows the correct AH diagnosis and prognosis, enabling choosing the better therapy for the patient. Clinical history Complete clinical history with questions about time since AH diagnosis, course and previous treatment should be obtained. Information on the(More)
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