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The color tags that many soccer robots home and abroad have been used at present are analyzed in this paper. It also lists their advantages and disadvantages. Took all factors into consideration, and combined with rules of the game, this paper designs a new type of color tag to make the identification algorithm easy and the system output accuracy. In the(More)
The new type of piezoelectric vibration accelerometer was studied, which sensitive element is cymbal piezocomposite transducer with 2-(0)-2 connectivity rather than conventional piezoelectric ceramic. The nonlinearity property of output voltage of this new piezoelectric vibration accelerometer was investigated. The measurement circuit was designed. Using(More)
A method of tracking control based on fuzzy control for elevation attitude of a laboratory 3 degrees of freedom (3-DOF) helicopter is introduced. The 3-DOF helicopter model is a typical multi-input multi-output (MIMO) system with the inherent characteristic of nonlinear, high-order and strong cross-coupling. Fuzzy controller was designed through the(More)
In the surrounding of water, the harmonic response of Cymbal transducer based on 1-3 piezocomposite was analyzed with finite element analysis method in this paper. 1-3 piezocomposite was used as piezoelectric phase instead of piezoelectric ceramic and the brass foil was used as end cap electrode of the Cymbal transducer. The mathematic model of this new(More)
A new method of transverse output error compensation based on piezoelectric vibration acceleration sensor which sensitive element consists of cymbal transducer was studied. The reasons for piezoelectric accelerometers have transverse output were simply recommended. Improved the structure of the vibration accelerometer, and established the model of(More)
According to the character of the volume-lag of the controlled process of three-tank-system, Smith predictor was adopted to compensate three-tank-system fuzzy adaptive control system. Fuzzy adaptive Smith predictive control system is composed with Smith predictor and fuzzy adaptive controller. The PID parameters were setting on line. This algorithm uses(More)
ATM(Asynchronous transfer mode) network was introduced in this paper. It has high transmission speed. It's transmission distance is not limited. It gathers voice transmission, image transmission and audio transmission in integral whole. China map was selected as network background and 10 cities (Wuhan, Beijing, ect.) were selected as nodes. The simulation(More)
The working principle of Cymbal piezoelectric composite underwater acoustic transducer was studied in this paper. PZT-5A piezoelectric ceramic disk was used as piezoelectric phase and brass foil was used as end cap electrode of the Cymbal transducer. The silicon rubber was used as the insulated proof layer of the underwater acoustic transducer. The(More)
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