Dengfeng Yao

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Internet accessibility for older users has become an important issue to promote inclusion and participation in the Information Society. In this paper, we propose an investigation into the technology accessibility problems faced by the elderly in China. We have conducted the research by means of an exploratory survey with a Web-based questionnaire and held(More)
The natural language processing (NLP) of sign language aims to make human sign language “understandable” to computers. In achieving this goal, the text of sign language should first be segmented into sign sequences for computers to recognize. This segmentation process constitutes the basis for the information processing of sign language. With an aim to(More)
21st century is known as the " century of the brain " , neuroimaging studies about how the brain completes the various tasks are significantly increased. In this paper, we reviewed brain research about the neuroimaging of language production and language comprehension over the several decades. These studies indicate that various parts of the brain are(More)
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