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Investigators used the lexical approach in which Chinese dictionaries were used to identify 48 adjectives representing antisocial personality traits. These were used to construct ratings scales which were administered to 301 university students in different geographical regions of China. Factor analysis yielded three factors labeled Intolerant, Assaulting,(More)
In this paper the fundamental of the component mode synthesis was reviewed. In order to optimize the ride comfort of the vehicle, a rigid-flexible coupling model of a car was established by using multibody system dynamics method and component mode synthesis technology. The flexibility of the car body, twist beam of the rear suspension, and stabilizer rod(More)
In order to identify the interior noise source of the test vehicle, sound intensity measurement technology was used. The principle of the sound intensity measurement technology was introduced. The grids were arranged at the interior surfaces of the firewall, dashboard, roof, door, front windshield, and gear lever. The maximum noise source was confirmed to(More)
Based on multi-body dynamic method, a rigid-flexible coupling model of a heavy-duty truck with full-floating cab mount system, air suspension system with four airbags and taper-leaf-spring system was built. Some simulation calculations were performed in ADAMS software environment to analyze ride comfort on B-class road surface and steady-state steering(More)
Application of Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) method on analysis and control of automotive interior noise from powertrain is introduced. An SEA model is presented for interior noise reduction. The SEA model is composed of a number of subsystems based on a 3D model with all the parameters for each subsystem. The inputs were measured through road tests in(More)
A rigid-flexible coupling simulation model for heavy-duty truck was built using MSC.ADAMS software. Steady static circular performance for heavy-duty truck was analyzed based on National Standard of China GB/T 6323.6-1994. Validity of the model was verified by comparing the simulation result with experiment data for steady-state steering characteristic of(More)
In order to reduce the sound pressure level (SPL) of the car interior noise at idle speed, the sound packages were analyzed and optimized. When the car interior noise was reduced, the weights of the sound packages were lightest at the same time. Acoustic characteristic prediction method of multi-layered porous materials was demonstrated. Some domestic car(More)
Dynamic stiffness and loss angle are important dynamic performance for hydraulic mount and it's significant to predict them accurately. The structure of a hydraulic mount is introduced and the ideal dynamic performance is illustrated. Based on the mechanical model and the mathematic equation of the hydraulic mount, a simulation model is built using AMESim(More)
Safety for the occupants of medium-heavy truck is a prime consideration for cab structure design. Among front, rear impact and rollover accident, it is rollover that results in severe Casualty for occupants. Especially during the whole process of 180° rollover accidents,including two steps,the first step is 90° rollover, the second step is(More)
Safety for the occupants of the cab is a prime consideration for structure design on commercial vehicle. The cab shall be designed and attached to the vehicle in such way that in the event of collision exhibit a survival space for the occupants, meanwhile,the cab must remain attached to the chassis frame. The new more legal and strict safety test(More)
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