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Community detection in complex network has become a vital step to understand the structure and dynamics of networks in various fields. However, traditional node clustering and relatively new proposed link clustering methods have inherent drawbacks to discover overlapping communities. Node clustering is inadequate to capture the pervasive overlaps, while(More)
Dimensionality reduction plays a vital role in pattern recognition. However, for normalized vector data, existing methods do not utilize the fact that the data is normalized. In this paper, we propose to employ an Angular Decomposition of the normalized vector data which corresponds to embedding them on a unit surface. On graph data for similarity/kernel(More)
Graph theory has attracted great attention for the problem of image segmentation in recent years. In this paper we deduce the unified form of the normalized cut (Ncut) algorithm and the Isoperimetric algorithm, and then a new Isoperimetric-based thresholding algorithm is proposed. Unlike Tao and Jin's Ncut-based thresholding algorithm, the proposed(More)
As various high-throughput experimental techniques are developed to characterize biological systems at the genome scale, vast protein function data have been collected. However, these functional tags are often imprecise and/or incomplete, resulting in unsatisfactory performances in function-related experiments and applications. Therefore, the refinement of(More)
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