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Study reported a pillow with a uniform height was not suitable for sleeping in supine and lateral positions. The study aims to determine the pillow dimensions for fitting supine and lateral positions for Taiwanese. Ten females and ten males subjects with a mean age of 21.9 years (SD= 1.07 years) participated in the study. Body dimensions of head, neck and(More)
The study derived seven descriptors from the pixel matrices of both the uppercase and lowercase forms of the 26 letters in the English alphabet in the regular and italic versions of the most commonly used font, Times New Roman. A factor analysis of the seven descriptors showed that a two-factor solution of letter width and height explained 76.6% of the(More)
Recent advances of the broadband Internet and multimedia environment let web users demand from web pages not only cognitive usability but also related feelings. Drawing on existing theories of cognitive psychology and human–computer interaction, a research model has been developed to explain the relationship between the visual factors and aesthetic(More)
The study presents a simple method to predict the drawing performance of designers or artists by measuring the stability of their line drawings. An 8 x 3 two-way factorial design experiment with directions and phases was conducted to explore the most stable direction and phase among eight directions and three phases of line drawing. The scores of 40(More)
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