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Wireless sensor networks, serving as an important interface between physical environments and computational systems, have been used extensively for supporting domain applications, where multiple-attribute sensory data are queried from the network continuously and periodically. Usually, certain sensory data may not vary significantly within a certain time(More)
Contiguous queries in wireless sensor networks may have some regions overlapping, and sensory data retrieved by recent queries may be used for answering the queries forthcoming, when these data are fresh enough. To support this query answering strategy, we propose a popularity-based caching mechanism for optimizing the periodic query processing.(More)
A test system is proposed, which can be applied to processes of designing, commissioning and other tests for the power unit of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The working principle, software/hardware design and key technologies of this system are specifically introduced. Reliability of various functions of the system is examined and assessed through(More)
With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, billions of smart devices should be available for sensing environment variables and reporting events that may be happened in certain regions. These devices are composed as wireless sensor networks (WSN) for supporting real-world applications. Typically, multiple attributes are usually being used together(More)
Hosting multiple application in a shared infrastructure of wireless sensor networks is a trend nowadays. In this article we propose an energy-efficient query optimization mechanism for supporting multiple applications leveraging our cooperative caching mechanism in shared wireless sensor networks. Specifically, query requests are represented as binary(More)