Deng-Yu Zhang

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Three-dimensional (3D) hybrid layered materials receive a lot of attention because of their outstanding intrinsic properties and wide applications. In this work, the stability and electronic structure of three-dimensional graphene-MoS2 (3 DGM) hybrid structures are examined based on first-principle calculations. The results reveal that the 3 DGMs can easily(More)
The suitable band structure is vital for perovskite solar cells, which greatly affect the high photoelectric conversion efficiency. Cation substitution is an effective approach to tune the electric structure, carrier concentration, and optical absorption of hybrid lead iodine perovskites. In this work, the electronic structures and optical properties of(More)
The electronic structures and photocatalytic properties of bismuth oxyhalide bilayers (BiOX1/BiOX2, X1 and X2 are Cl, Br, I) are studied by density functional theory. Briefly, their compositionally tunable bandgaps range from 1.85 to 3.41 eV, suitable for sun-light absorption, and all bilayers have band-alignments good for photocatalytic water-splitting.(More)
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