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The Policy Process Research of Family Doctor System in China: from the Perspective of the Multiple-Streams Theory
The evolution process about institutional construction of family doctors should have systematic classification with analysis of problem stream, policy stream and political stream respectively as well as facts based on fundamental challenges of grassroots public health to further verify feasibility of multiple streams theory in China.
A Research on Problems and Countermeasures of the Cultural Infrastructure Construction in Hebei Province——Take the Results of Questionnaire Survey in Hebei Province as An Example
In the process of the cultural infrastructure construction,there are some problems like lacking of integrated planning,imbalance in city and rural area,impeded channel of investment,low rates of the
An Investigation into the Language Life of Bai Ethnic Villages——Take Bai Nationality in Shalang Area of Yunnan as a Research Case
A on-the-spot investigation on language acquisition,language proficiency,language selection and language attitude shows that the language life of Bai ethnic group in Shalang shares the following
An Exploration of Sovereign Debt Crisis of Europe
In October,21st,2009,Greek government declared to increase fiscal deficit rate and debt rate,there was a worry about the increase of Greek debt risk.And such other high debt nations as Ireland
ADAPTASI KEBUDAYAAN MIGRAN KEMBALI :Studi Kasus Migran China Asal Indonesia di Hua Qiao Nong Chang, KotaGuilin, Propinsi Guangxi
Returned overseas Chinese are the special group with a complex background. Although their blood lines are Chinese, they were born and grew up in the country overseas. On their life had a strong
[Study on discourse right construction of China's medical aid to Africa].
China should refer to the actual situation of medical aid to Africa to strengthen the construction of discourse right, and confident, charismatic, influential, and dominant were analyzed from four aspects.