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Phylogeography of Sophora davidii (Leguminosae) across the ‘Tanaka‐Kaiyong Line’, an important phytogeographic boundary in Southwest China
The ‘Tanaka‐Kaiyong Line’ (TKL) is a major phytogeographic boundary in Southwest China, separating East Asia's Sino‐Himalayan and Sino‐Japanese Floras. However, little is known about the importanceExpand
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Dynamics of Lake Dongting wetland from 1993 to 2010
Using multi temporal satellite images of remote sensing,wetland information was extracted by decision tree classification method combined with field surveying and four Lake Dongting's wetland typeExpand
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Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Optical Switches
The interesting electro-optical properties of liquid crystals arise from the reorientation of the director,and hence the optic axis,by applied electric fields.The surface stabilized ferroelectricExpand
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Partition of Rutin in Ionic Liquid Aqueous Two-phase System
A new method of extracting and separating rutin in an aqueous two-phase system(ATPS) formed from water-soluble ionic liquidBF4(1-butyl-3-methylimidazoliumtetrafluoroborate) and phase-forming saltExpand
Determination of Palladium by Solvent Extraction- Spectrophotometry with High Polymer
In polyethylene glycol (PEG) ammonium sulfate nitriso R salt system, the spectrophotometric determination of palladium was studied. Palladium reacts with nitroso R salt in HCl NaAc buffer solution atExpand
Not being Tool for Economic Development——Discussion on the Character of Education
As a way of cultivating people's characters,education should not lose its own character.However,because of the low self-identity,social value dominated by economy,and barrier of policies,educationExpand
New Method of Measurement of Harmonic Current in HVDC
Because conventional method of harmonic measurement hardly meet the need of harmonic measurement of HVDC, a new kind of harmonic measurement system based on Rogowski coil is introduced. TheExpand
A Stimulation Study of A Zero- voltage- switching(ZVS) Boost Converter Based on PSpice
This paper uses the stimulation software of orCAD/PSpice to give a stimulation analysis on the circuit of Boost soft- switching to provide scientific foundation for determin- ing the parameters of the components. Expand
Literature Review Concerned with Lexical Chunks
Lexical chunks are prefabricated phrases which are stored in one's memory as language units.Although no agreement has been reached on the definition and classification of lexical chunk,it plays a crucial role in English learning and teaching. Expand