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A New Lattice Bhatnagar--Gross--Krook Model for the Convection--Diffusion Equation with a Source Term
A new lattice Bhatnagar–Gross–Krook (LBGK) model for the convection–diffusion equation with a source term is proposed. Unlike the models proposed previously, the present model does not require anyExpand
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Syntheses and structures of CsHo{sub 3}Te{sub 5} and Cs{sub 3}Tm{sub 11}Te{sub 18} and the electronic structure of CsHo{sub 3}Te{sub 5}
Single crystals of CsHo{sub 3}Te{sub 5} and Cs{sub 3}Tm{sub 11}Te{sub 18} have been grown as byproducts in the synthesis of CsLnZnTe{sub 3} (Ln=Ho or Tm) through the reaction of Ln, Zn, and Te with aExpand
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A modified omega-K algorithm for missile-borne SAR imaging with the dive trajectory
This paper presents a novel approach for missile-borne SAR imaging with the dive trajectory using a refined omega-K algorithm (ωKA) to improve the focus performance. Expand
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CFD Simulation of the Flow Field Inside Water Hydraulics Poppet Valve
CFD simulation is applied to the flow field inside water hydraulics poppet valve, the results are given by visualizing pictures of the velocity and pressure field. The structure of the poppet surfaceExpand
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Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Daphnia magna ( Crustacea : Cladocera ) from Huaihe in China
The complete sequence of mitochondrial genome of Daphnia magna was determined using long PCR, normal PCR and primers walking approaches. The results showed that the entire mitochondrial genome ofExpand
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Cenozoic uplift and exhumation in southern Sichuan Basin—Evidence from low-temperature thermochronology
Based on the model of low-temperature thermochronology (apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He, apatite fission track) and folding in anticlines, we decipher the uplift and exhumation in southern Sichuan basinExpand
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Paleostress Reconstruction of Micangshan Anticlinorium on the Southern Margin of the Qinling Orogenic Belts, China
Brittle structures in rock of different ages can be used to establish the tectonic evolution of an orogenic belt through paleostress calculations. Micangshan is located at the southern margin of theExpand
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Study of Reconnaissance Reception Algorithm of Wide-band Channelization in the Fractional Fourier Domain
Digital channelized receiver is currently the main stream of reconnaissance receivers. In order to reduce the equipment demand of band-folded channelized receiver,and remedy the shortages of outputExpand
Three CFAR Detectors of Extended Target Under Weibull Background
Aimed at constant false alarm ratio(CFAR) detection of extended targets under Weibull background,such three integrated detectors as binary integrated detector,non-coherent integrated detector andExpand
Range-Doppler measurements based target locating for active radar seekers
We analyze the observability of the relative position for different trajectories in depth, and arrive at a very interesting conclusion: the missile must have the acceleration component ‘not aiming at target’ to obtain the 3-D relative position. Expand