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This experiment was conducted to study the effects of Bacillus preparations on immunity and antioxidant activities in grass carp. A total of 315 grass carp, with similar initial weight (average weight of fish 45 g), were randomly divided into three groups with three replicates. The control group was fed the basal diet without Bacillus; treatment group 1 was(More)
Different kinds of the acupuncture methods to the Zu'san'li point can evoke various electrical signal time series, and nonlinear dynamics method is used to analyse them. We reconstruct the phase space attractor and get the time delay through calculating mutual information function. And the Cao's method is used to determine the optimal embedding dimension.(More)
Neural system characterizes information in external stimulations by spatiotemporal encoding. When stimulated by the acupuncture, the neural system can evoke irregular electrical signals. In order to reveal the underlying mechanisms about the conduction and function of acupuncture, experiments are designed that different types of manual acupuncture (MA)(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans) strains from clinical samples. METHODS Plaque samples from caries-active and caries-free sites on enamel surfaces were obtained and cultivated for S. mutans isolation. Morphology, biochemistry, automatic microorganism analysis system and polymerase chain reaction using primers homologous to surface(More)
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