Denes Varga

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The production of charged pions in minimum bias p+C interactions is studied using a sample of 377 000 inelastic events obtained with the NA49 detector at the CERN SPS at 158 GeV/c beam momentum. The data cover a phase space area ranging from 0 to 1.8 GeV/c in transverse momentum and from-0.1 to 0.5 in Feynman x. Inclusive invariant cross sections are given(More)
The new data on pion production in p+C interactions from the NA49 experiment at the CERN SPS are used for a detailed study of hadronization in the collision of protons with light nuclei. The comparison to the extensive set of data from p+p collisions obtained with the same detector allows for the separation and extraction of the projectile and target(More)
Two conifers and two deciduous wood species were irradiated by strong UV emitter mercury lamp at elevated temperatures up to 160 °C. Other series of samples were treated in the same chamber at the same temperatures but without light. Results showed that UV light irradiation produced much greater discolouration at elevated temperatures above 80 °C than at(More)
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