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Success in neonatal lung transplantation depends on the growth of the transplanted lung. To study the effects of transplantation and denervation on primate lung growth without rejection or immunosuppression, an autotransplant model was chosen. Eight-week-old baboons underwent left lung autotransplantation (n = 5) or sham operation (n = 1). At age 13 weeks(More)
BACKGROUND Valve areas derived by the Gorlin formula have been observed to vary with transvalvular volume flow rate. Continuity equation valve areas calculated from Doppler-echo data have become a widely used alternate index of stenosis severity, but it is unclear whether continuity equation valve areas also vary with volume flow rate. This study was(More)
As a part of the 2000-01 American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Leadership Institute, the Leadership Institute Fellows conducted a faculty development workshop for department chairpersons and program directors during the 2001 ADEA Annual Session. A central premise of the workshop was that successful chairpersons and program directors are both(More)
PURPOSE To report the ability of frequency doubling perimetry to detect "neuro-ophthalmic" field defects, characterize them as hemianopic or quadrantanopic, and differentiate glaucomatous from "other" neuro-ophthalmic field defects. METHODS Sixty eyes of 30 normal subjects, 50 eyes of 29 patients with glaucomatous defects, and 138 eyes of 103 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Reperfusion of ischemic lung causes an inflammatory pulmonary vascular injury characterized by increased vascular permeability and migration of inflammatory cells into the alveoli. Migration of neutrophils into the alveolus during reperfusion after 24 hours of unilateral pulmonary artery occlusion has been shown to be in part dependent on the(More)
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) Dental School recruits a student body from a wide number of undergraduate institutions, primarily in Texas. One method supporting this effort is the Dental Early Acceptance Program (DEAP). This program is unique in that it grants conditional acceptance to dental school during a student's(More)
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