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Front Cover: Map of Gulf of Mexico Region study area (outlined in red) with bathymetric color shaded grid as background. ii Acknowledgements This report documenting the methodology and preliminary results of the in-place gas hydrate assessment for the United States (U.S.) Gulf of Mexico is the culmination of several years of dedicated effort. The Resource(More)
Contamination of a tank water supply system led to an outbreak of Salmonella Saintpaul with 28 cases of gastroenteritis amongst over 200 workers at a large construction site. The outbreak was identified following notification of two salmonellosis cases by general practitioners from different towns during March 1999. The source of infection, contaminated(More)
Economic studies on simulated natural gas hydrate reservoirs have been compiled to estimate the price of natural gas that may lead to economically viable production from the most promising gas hydrate accumulations. As a first estimate, large-scale production of natural gas from North American arctic region Class 1 and Class 2 hydrate deposits will be(More)
a series of three articles entitled " Toward Technical Understanding. " The first article described brain structure and function and indicated that the mind is what the brain does. The second and third articles discussed a seven-step hierarchy to understanding and the importance of the transitions between each step. Since Haile's original articles, several(More)
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