Denan Zhang

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BACKGROUND Constructing and modeling the gene regulatory network is one of the central themes of systems biology. With the growing understanding of the mechanism of microRNA biogenesis and its biological function, establishing a microRNA-mediated gene regulatory network is not only desirable but also achievable. METHODOLOGY In this study, we propose a(More)
Although endocrine therapy impedes estrogen-ER signaling pathway and thus reduces breast cancer mortality, patients remain at continued risk of relapse after tamoxifen or other endocrine therapies. Understanding the mechanisms of endocrine resistance, particularly the role of transcriptional regulation is very important and necessary. We propose a two-step(More)
Alzheimer's disease is a multifactorial neurodegenerative disorder with many drug targets contributing to its etiology. Despite the devastating effects of this disease, therapeutic methods for treating Alzheimer's disease remain limited. The multifactorial nature of Alzheimer's disease strongly supports a multi-target rationale as a drug design strategy.(More)
The recurrence of breast cancer (BC) is a serious therapeutic problem, and the risk factors for recurrence urgently need to be identified. In this study, we examined the functional pathways in tumor and normal tissues to more comprehensively identify biomarkers for the risk of BC recurrence. We collected tumor and normal tissue gene expression profiles of(More)
Analysis of gene sets has been widely applied in various high-throughput biological studies. One weakness in the traditional methods is that they neglect the heterogeneity of genes expressions in samples which may lead to the omission of some specific and important gene sets. It is also difficult for them to reflect the severities of disease and provide(More)
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