Dena McCann

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Patient nonadherence to therapeutic regimens is a serious issue in the practice of medicine. Empiric studies done by professionals from diverse backgrounds have shown that physicians who use educational strategies can be effective in gaining the cooperation of patients to follow their recommendations. The educational model that currently is most familiar to(More)
We investigated the role of oropharyngeal and postingestional stimulation in the control of the intake of water and NaCl solutions by testing water-deprived rats under real- and sham-drinking conditions with water, 0.150, 0.225, and 0.300 M NaCl solutions. A series of real-drinking tests was given until intake stabilized followed by a series of(More)
In this study we explore whether HMO-induced competition has contained expenditures in Minneapolis/St. Paul hospitals. Specifically, we assessed the impact of HMOs on revenue, cost, and net income per admission in Twin Cities hospitals from 1979 to 1981. Some HMOs have obtained negotiated discounts from hospitals. We found that hospitals which gave larger(More)
We describe at the microstructural level the impact of unconditioned and conditioned negative feedback on the licking behavior of the rat. Six groups of rats were trained to ingest one of six different dilutions of sweetened milk (0.5:1, 1:1, 2:1, 4;1, 8:1, and 16:1, water to milk ratios) under real feeding conditions until intake was stable. Then they were(More)
Most sham feeding studies show that about three sham feeding tests are required for intake to reach maximum. One study, however, using a dilute solution, reported maximum sham intake in the first sham feeding test, suggesting that the progressive rise in sham intake may be concentration dependent. We tested this hypothesis with six groups of rats given five(More)