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BACKGROUND Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) are alternative treatments for multivessel coronary disease. Although the procedures have been compared in several randomised trials, their long-term effects on mortality in key clinical subgroups are uncertain. We undertook a collaborative analysis of data from(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality from inhalational anthrax during the 2001 U.S. attack was substantially lower than that reported historically. PURPOSE To systematically review all published inhalational anthrax case reports to evaluate the predictors of disease progression and mortality. DATA SOURCES MEDLINE (1966-2005), 14 selected journal indexes (1900-1966),(More)
Preface The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) conducts the Effective Health Care Program as part of its mission to organize knowledge and make it available to inform decisions about health care. As part of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, Congress directed AHRQ to conduct and support research on the(More)
We evaluated the usefulness of detection systems and diagnostic decision support systems for bioterrorism response. We performed a systematic review by searching relevant databases (e.g., MEDLINE) and Web sites for reports of detection systems and diagnostic decision support systems that could be used during bioterrorism responses. We reviewed over 24,000(More)
A critical question in planning a response to bioterrorism is how antibiotics and medical supplies should be stockpiled and dispensed. The objective of this work was to evaluate the costs and benefits of alternative strategies for maintaining and dispensing local and regional inventories of antibiotics and medical supplies for responses to anthrax(More)
The simple pooling of data is often used to provide an overall summary of subgroup data or data from a number of related studies. In simple pooling, data are combined without being weighted. Therefore, the analysis is performed as if the data were derived from a single sample. This kind of analysis ignores characteristics of the subgroups or individual(More)
IMPORTANCE Recent governmental and private initiatives have sought to reduce health care costs by making health care prices more transparent. OBJECTIVE To determine whether the use of an employer-sponsored private price transparency platform was associated with lower claims payments for 3 common medical services. DESIGN Payments for clinical services(More)
BACKGROUND Clinicians need self-directed learning skills to maintain competency. The objective of this study was to develop and implement a curriculum to teach physicians self-directed learning skills during inpatient ward rotations. METHODS Residents and attendings from an internal medicine residency were assigned to intervention or control groups;(More)
The findings and conclusions in this document are those of the authors who are responsible for its content; and do not necessarily represent the views of AHRQ. No statement in this report should be construed as an official position of the The information in this report is intended to help clinicians, employers, policymakers, and others make informed(More)
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