Dena Karimipour

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In this paper, an adaptive output error feedback control scheme is proposed for the lag-synchronization of two time-delayed chaotic systems in the presence of channel time-delay, external disturbances and input nonlinearity. Using the Lyapunov theory, stability of the proposed adaptive controller is proved. Lyapunov-Krasovskii approach is used to deal with(More)
This paper considers nonlinear stability analysis of AC microgrids with constant power loads. Microgrid is a subsystem consisting of small electrical resources, local loads and power electronic devices. It should be noted that presence of a constant power load as a sink in a microgrid results in nonlinear behavior of the microgrid. Constant power loads are(More)
In this paper a class of adaptive controller for a large class of nonlinear systems has been proposed in presence of uncertainties, input nonlinearities and unknown timedelay. Based on the combination of the sliding mode control (SMC) with fuzzy control, this paper presents a design algorithm to synthesize a robust fuzzy sliding mode controller. The unknown(More)
This paper investigates stabilizing the unstable periodic orbits (UPO) of uncertain time-delayed chaotic systems with sector nonlinearity in input function. The article proposes an adaptive output feedback control design based on the Lyapunov–Krasovskii approach, to stabilize the periodic solutions of a broad class of time-delayed chaotic systems, with(More)
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