Dena Izadi

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Modular structure is ubiquitous in real-world complex networks, and its detection is important because it gives insights into the structure–functionality relationship. The standard approach is based on the optimization of a quality function, modularity, which is a relative quality measure for the partition of a network into modules. Recently, some authors(More)
RF MEMS plays an important role in microwave switching. The high performance of RF MEMS shunt such as high bandwidth, low insertion loss, and high isolation have made these switches well suitable for high performing microwave and millimeter wave circuits. This paper presents a RF MEMS shunt capacitive switch for Ka and V band application. This paper(More)
In this paper we present a method to fabricate a fused silica microfluidic device by employing low viscosity KMPR photoresists. The resulting device is a continuous-flow microfluidic mixer based on hydrodynamic focusing. The advantages of this new fabrication method compared to the traditional approach using a poly-silicon mask are simplification, and time(More)
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