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BACKGROUND Surgical Site infections are the second most frequently reported infections of all nosocomial infections among hospital patients. Among surgical patients in obstetrics, Surgical Site Infections were the most common nosocomial infections and the rate is higher in sub-Saharan Africa. There has not been a study which documented the extent of the(More)
BACKGROUND Sexual assault affects one out of every five women, and it is a substantial public health and human rights problem in developing countries including Ethiopia. There has not been a study which documented the extent of the problem in the study area; hence the objective of this study was to assess the pattern of sexual assault and related(More)
Rectovaginal fistula causes distressing symptoms and usually caused by obstetric trauma in developing countries especially in Sub Saharan Africa. The index case is reported to highlight the rare situation, where a 20 years old newly married woman developed low rectovaginal fistula following her first time coitus.
BACKGROUND More than 90% of Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in children is acquired due to mother-to-child transmission, which is spreading during pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding. OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of highly active antiretroviral and short course antiretroviral regimens in prevention of mother-to-child transmission(More)
Uterine rupture is one of the most catastrophic complications during pregnancy. It is a rare complication in developed countries but a frequent cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality in Africa. Uterine rupture occurs in 1.6% of patients suffering blunt abdominal trauma. Here we report a unique case of complete fundal rupture of the(More)
Background: Heterotopic pregnancy is simultaneous occurrence of intrauterine and extra uterine pregnancy. It is a rare condition, diagnosed in 1 per 30,000 unassisted conceptions. In most cases diagnosis is made after rupture of the extrauterine pregnancy. Case summary: Here we report, a rare case where a 25 years old primigravida at 8 weeks of gestation(More)
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