Deming Luo

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In steady-state conditions, the number and distribution of lymphocyte populations are under homeostatic control. New lymphocytes are continuously produced in primary and secondary lymphoid organs and then achieve immune-competence within different tissues, and they must challenge with resident cells for survival. The first step in the study of tissue(More)
  • Deming Luo, Stephen Ferris, Ehsan Choudhri, Lilia Karnizova, Fanny Demers, Michel Demers +3 others
  • 2008
The paper addresses whether or not the exchange rate or some other dimension of the external side of the economy should form an integral part of the monetary rule for a small open economy (SOE) in which the central bank faces data deficiencies. Under a number of information scenarios, the model's simulations suggest that some reflection of the external(More)
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