Demian G. Silva

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This article describes an approach to the evaluation and treatment of condyloma acuminatum (anogenital warts) that is based on the results of new clinical research on the biology of the human papillomavirus. A more extensive diagnostic protocol, including routine cervicovaginal examination and Papanicolaou smear, is proposed for female patients because of(More)
Chronic salpingitis has been reported in patients undergoing reversal of sterilization. For investigation of a possible microbial etiology for this process and characterization of its ultrastructural features, segments from the midportion of the fallopian tubes of five patients who underwent sterilization reversal were studied by comprehensive tubal(More)
Uncertainties in damping estimates can significantly affect the dynamic response of a given flexible structure. A common practice in linear structural dynamics is to consider a linear viscous damping model as the major energy dissipation mechanism. However, it is well known that different forms of energy dissipation can affect the structure’s dynamic(More)
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