Demetris Stavrou

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Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are widely used in warehouse and manufacturing facilities for point to point transportation of cargo. A typical objective in such facilities is space efficiency (store as many items as possible in a limited space) and throughput maximization. The two objectives are conflicting. Storing more items limits the available space(More)
Localization is a fundamental problem in mobile robotics. Several methods have been proposed over the years, among them Monte Carlo Localization. This method is preferred among many researchers because of its robustness and ability to work with a variety of sensor types. Most localization implementations use equipment that provide high resolution, accurate(More)
In the modern era, where breast-conserving surgery is a viable alternative to mastectomy, breast cancer patients and their healthcare providers have to consider the issue of quality of life in regards to the type of surgery. The choice of surgical procedure should consider the perceptions of women diagnosed with breast cancer as well as their functional and(More)
Autonomous wheeled robots are receiving significant attention in various applications, including security monitoring of remote or hazardous locations and moving goods in warehouses with the minimum human intervention. At some unknown time, the operation of these robots may be affected due to some actuator fault, which causes the robot to partially lose the(More)
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