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Subjects were instructed to use either rote or elaborative strategies to memorize words in a Von Restorff paradigm. When instructed to use rote strategies, subjects displayed a higher Von Restorff effect and a lower recall performance than when instructed to use elaborative strategies. Furthermore the amplitude of the P300 component of the event-related(More)
In two experiments, each using a different product (either a CD-ROM based eleclxonic book or an interactive voice response system), we compared the usability problems uncovered using low-and high-fidelity prototypes. One group of subjects performed a series of tasks using a paper-based low-fidelity prototype, while another performed the same tasks using(More)
There have been dramatic improvements during the last decade in the performance of both automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems and the computers on which they run. Speaker independent recognition with an active vocabulary of over 1,000 items is now possible even under the difficult conditions imposed by the public switched telephone network. The(More)
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