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– Activities undertaken on a construction site are often accompanied with high levels of noise. Addressing the issue of noise pollution in construction is gaining significance with the growing awareness about the social and environmental components of sustainable construction and the increasing numbers of projects being undertaken in congested urban areas.(More)
This paper describes the port of the ZPL parallel array language to the Mercury-RACE, a multicomputing system designed for embedded real-time applications. We discuss the design of the language runtime system and our strategy on mapping ZPL operators to hardware communication. We also show performance results of the ZPL parallel matrix inverse algorithm on(More)
We describe a technique for beginning students to read and verbalize a declarator in the C programming language. Once learned, students will be able to easily state the type of an object without hesitation. It is suggested that this technique be taught to students during the first week of an introductory C programming course. Getting students to correctly(More)
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