Demetrio De Martini

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Although measurement of chemiluminescence has become a widespread tool in the study of phagocytosis of peripheral neutrophils, several problems linked to spontaneous fluctuation in chemiluminescence(More)
Prolactin (PRL) circulates as multiple molecular weight variants: glycosylated phosphorylated, deamidated and sulphated forms. The profiles of the forms, as determined by isoelectrofocusing (IEF),(More)
A molecular antithrombin III variant (Antithrombin III Roma) with an abnormal pattern of crossed immunoelectrofocusing was further investigated in order to identify the pathological isoforms. AT III(More)
Antithrombin III (AT III) was measured as antigen (Ag) and as heparin cofactor (HC) in plasma and urine or dialysate from nine patients with nephrotic syndrome and nine patients receiving continuous(More)
In this study the authors attempted to restore the coagulative fibrinolytic homeostasis that is compromised in peripheral vascular disease. Eleven patients with arterial disease, eleven with venous(More)