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Short URLs have become ubiquitous. Especially popular within social networking services, short URLs have seen a significant increase in their usage over the past years, mostly due to Twitter's restriction of message length to 140 characters. In this paper, we provide a first characterization on the usage of short URLs. Specifically, our goal is to examine(More)
File sharing using peer-to-peer (p2p) systems is a major Internet application and the leading source of network traffic today. However, the dominance of p2p systems for file sharing has been recently challenged by an increasing number of services, such as RapidShare and MegaUpload, which offer users the ability to share files through centralized servers,(More)
Lack of trust is one of the main reasons for the limited cooperation between different organizations. The privacy of users is of paramount importance to administrators and organizations , which are reluctant to cooperate between each other and exchange network traffic traces. The main reasons behind reluctance to exchange monitored data are the protection(More)
Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight are two widely adopted platforms for providing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) over the World Wide Web. The need for RIAs to retrieve content hosted on different domains, in order to enrich user experience, led to the use of cross-domain policies by content providers. Cross-domain policies define the list of RIA(More)
Antisocial Networks are distributed systems based on social networking Web sites that can be exploited by attackers, and directed to carry out network attacks. Malicious users are able to take control of the visitors of social sites by remotely manipulating their browsers through legitimate Web control functionality such as image-loading HTML tags,(More)
Although several available bandwidth measurement tools exist , they usually require access at both ends of the measured path. This important requirement significantly limits the usefulness, applicability, and ease of deployment of existing tools. This work presents a novel available bandwidth measurement tool, called abget, that runs in " single-end " mode.(More)
Netflow is a protocol widely adopted by the security and performance measurements community. Nowadays, many distributed applications and architectures base their functionality on Netflow data collected at diverse environments. However, communities and administrators are reluctant to share exported Netflow data for privacy reasons. As a consequence, the(More)
Accurate per-application network traffic characterization is becoming increasingly difficult in the face of emerging applications that use dynamically negotiated port numbers. At the same time, information about the contribution of different network applications and services to the traffic mix is highly demanded by network administrators for facilitating(More)
The World Wide Web has evolved from a collection of static HTML pages to an assortment of Web 2.0 applications. Online social networking in particular is becoming more popular by the day since the establishment of SixDegrees in 1997. Millions of people use social networking web sites daily, such as Facebook, My-Space, Orkut, and LinkedIn. A side-effect of(More)
Network traces of Internet attacks are among the most valuable resources for network analysts and security researchers. However, organizations and researchers are usually reluctant to share their network data, as network packets may contain private or sensitive information. To alleviate the problem of information leakage, network traces are often anonymized(More)