Dema S Luyindula

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Neuroblastoma is a childhood tumor in which transient therapeutic responses are typically followed by recurrence with lethal chemoresistant disease. In this study, we characterized the apoptotic responses in diverse neuroblastomas using an unbiased mitochondrial functional assay. We defined the apoptotic set point of neuroblastomas using responses to(More)
Angiogenesis is controlled by a balance between stimulators and inhibitors. We propose that the balance, as well as the general sensitivity of the endothelium to these factors, varies from individual to individual. Indeed, we have found that individual mouse strains have dramatically different responses to growth factor-induced neovascularization.(More)
Prominin-1, a pentaspan transmembrane protein, is a unique cell surface marker commonly used to identify stem cells, including endothelial progenitor cells and cancer stem cells. However, recent studies have shown that prominin-1 expression is not restricted to stem cells but also occurs in modified forms in many mature adult human cells. Although(More)
UNLABELLED Oral delivery of poorly soluble and permeable drugs represents a significant challenge in drug development. The oral delivery of drugs remains to be the ultimate route of any drugs. However, in many cases, drugs are not absorbed well in the gastrointestinal tract, or they lose their activity. Polymer micelles were recognized as an effective(More)
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