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The respiratory effects of two postoperative analgesic regimens were compared in two groups of 16 patients each, recovering from general anesthesia and major surgery. One group received a pain-relieving dose of iv morphine (mean, 18.1 mg), with the same dose repeated as a continuous intravenous infusion over the subsequent 24 h. The other group received(More)
This study investigated individual differences in the diurnal cycle of cortisol and explored their relation to several psychosocial variables and to upper-respiratory symptoms. Cortisol and daily experience were assessed for 2 days in 109 healthy employed and unemployed community residents (mean age = 36.4 +/- 12.1, 69% female); self-report upper(More)
1. The effect of 5 consecutive days of hill walking on electrolyte balance, fluid homeostasis, plasma renin activity and plasma aldosterone concentration was studied in five male subjects. 2. The 5-day exercise period was preceded by a 4-day control period and followed by a 4-day recovery period. Throughout the 13-day study subjects ate a fixed diet. 3.(More)
CONTEXT African Americans disproportionately experience greater smoking attributable morbidity and mortality. Few clinical trials for smoking cessation in African Americans have been conducted, despite a different profile of both smoking and quitting patterns. OBJECTIVE To compare a sustained-release form of bupropion hydrochloride (bupropion SR) with(More)
The study discussed in this article explored women's views of the positive and negative aspects of life with HIV. Even in the face of a stigmatizing physical illness and with elevated levels of depression and anxiety, the 55 women interviewed for the study were able to identify a large number of positive events; for many, HIV served as a motivating force(More)
Ethnic minorities are often underrepresented in clinical trials, and their recruitment can challenge researchers. Developing and communicating effective and efficient recruitment strategies may help researchers enroll more minorities into research studies. Kick It at Swope was a double-blind, randomized trial that evaluated bupropion for smoking cessation(More)
African Americans (AAs) have been considered a hard to reach research population. In a clinical trial of bupropion for smoking cessation, failure to return for randomization was concerning during the initial phase of recruitment. There were three study goals: to review the research on clinical trial participation barriers, to use quantitative analyses to(More)
The motivational interviewing skills code (MISC) was used to review 86 audiotaped interactions between clinicians and patients participating in a smoking cessation intervention. Intraclass correlations (ICCs) were completed for two of the MISC elements: global evaluations and behavior counts. Results indicate 75% of the global ratings yielded ICCs in the(More)
Despite high smoking rates among those living in poverty, few cessation studies are conducted in these populations. This cluster-randomized trial tested nicotine gum plus motivational interviewing (MI) for smoking cessation in 20 low-income housing developments (HDs). Intervention participants (10 HDs, n = 66) received educational materials, 8 weeks of 4 mg(More)
The effects of intravenous morphine, (-)-naloxone and (+)-naloxone have been studied on three ipsilateral cutaneo-muscular reflexes in spinal rabbits. Morphine, 3 mg/kg caused a slow-onset depression of all three reflexes. This effect was naloxone reversible. The ipsilateral extensor reflexes, sural to gastrocnemius medialis and saphenous to vastus(More)