Delphine Zbinden

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Yearly administration of the influenza vaccine is the main strategy to prevent influenza in immunocompromised patients. Here, we reviewed the recent literature regarding the clinical significance of the influenza virus infection, as well as the immunogenicity and safety of the influenza vaccine in HIV‑infected individuals, solid-organ and stem-cell(More)
Every year there are more immunocompromised patients with a better quality of life and, therefore, that travel more frequently. While traveling, patients may be exposed to several infections, such as traveler's diarrhea or malaria, which can be associated with a high rate of complications in this population. An appropriate strategy for the prevention of(More)
The wear tightness of an orthosis for the treatment of scoliosis varies greatly during daily activities. Currently, there is no commercially available product that can monitor force distribution inside the brace and the time that the othosis is worn during daily activities. Subjective feeling is the most commonly used method. To provide an objective(More)
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