Delphine Rossille

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In most hospital medical units, multidisciplinary committees meet weekly to discuss their patients' cases. The medical experts base their decisions on three sources of information. First, they check if their patient complies with existing guidelines. Failing these, the medical experts will base their therapeutic decisions on the cases of similar patients(More)
Accumulating evidence indicates that infiltrating stromal cells contribute directly and indirectly to tumor growth in a wide range of cancers. In follicular lymphoma (FL), malignant B cells are found admixed with heterogeneous lymphoid-like stromal cells within invaded lymph nodes and BM. In addition, mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) support in vitro FL(More)
Semantic interoperability, a prerequisite to eHealth projects, relies on sharing both information and knowledge models between information systems. Two of the standards of information models are HL7 v3 and the European norm, EN13606/OpenEHR. The paper compares both standards on a fragment of the prenatal medical record, the APGAR score. Two factors are(More)
The study compares the effectiveness of Bayesian networks versus Decision Trees for predicting access to renal transplant waiting list in a French healthcare network. The data set consisted in 809 patients starting renal replacement therapy. The data were randomly divided into a training set (90%) and a validation set (10%). Bayesian network and CART(More)
UNLABELLED Data stored in Healthcare Information Systems correspond potentially to a vast source of information for supporting decisions in management or public health issues. The presented study illustrates clinical data valuation, through the analysis of clinical pathways of elderly patients at the Emergency Department (ED) of Rennes hospital. METHOD(More)
When a new patient does not comply with the guidelines, experts base their therapeutic decisions on similar patients' cases they have treated in the past. The case-based reasoning decision-support system we propose will automatically compare the patient's case to the structured guideline, then to other cases, and retrieve similar cases. The general(More)
We present the phase I development of an integrative platform for the analysis of clinical, gene expression, protein expression and pre-analytical data. The platform is aimed at providing transparent access and analysis tools to researchers investigating new biomarkers and prognosis factors in the particular field of lymphoma diseases. In this article, we(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present a generic model of information system supporting healthcare networks for health professionals in Brittany. This model is aimed to develop cooperation between hospital professionals, primary care and practitioners whatever the specific pathology, by providing tools for exchanging and sharing medical-related data. The(More)
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