Delphine Riu

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In this article, a H∞ control methodology is proposed for a hybrid power generation system composed by a 500 W PEM fuel cell and a 58F supercapacitor. The control strategy consists in synthetizing a multivariable PI controller with H∞ performance in order to manage powers between two electrochemical sources. The controller is then designed through an(More)
The recent evolution of aircraft power networks makes new design study necessary for solving key issues such as optimal efficiency, reliability, adaptability and performances. Indeed, DC power systems are subject to strong dynamic interactions between the source and the loads. In this paper, the need for a new design method of the power network is(More)
Non integer order systems are used to model diffusion in conductive parts of electrical machines as they lead to more compact and knowledge models but also to improve their precision. Nevertheless, non integer order models have been established under linear conditions. It is than interesting to study the influence of saturation on such model parameters. In(More)
In this paper a complete robust control synthesis is performed for a hybrid power generation structure composed by a Fuel Cell and a Supercapacitor. The control strategies are applied to the DC-DC boost power converters associated to each power source. Multivariable PI control withH∞ performance,H∞ full and reduced order controllers are designed and(More)
A new methodology for aircraft HVDC power systems design is first proposed. The first goal is to design the network subsystems in order to obtain optimal devices from a weight point of view. The contribution of optimal linear multivariable control methods is shown to be major for this first design objective and H8 synthesis is applied in this paper. The(More)
In this paper, a systematic design of a robust multi-variable control structure for primary frequency regulation in microgrids with high rate of renewable source penetration is proposed. The considered microgrid represents a diesel-photovoltaic-supercapacitor hybrid power generation system operating in stand-alone mode. The proposed control structure relies(More)
The fractional order systems has been used successfully to model in frequency domain the development of induced currents in electric machines, especially in the dampers or massive parts of large synchronous machines. The objective of this work consists in extending the field of application of fractional order models for small signal stability studies of an(More)
A new HVDC power supply network for light rail systems is presented and compared to classical distribution networks based on AC/DC controlled converters. This original supply network use an intermediate high voltage DC feeder which supplies the vehicle through simple synchronous buck converters. Nevertheless, as the number of substations can be increased to(More)