Delphine Renard

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Seasonally flooded South American savannas harbor different kinds of mound-field landscapes of largely unknown origin. A recent study used soil carbon-isotope depth profiles and other proxies to infer vegetation history in murundu landscapes in Brazil. Results suggested that differential erosion, not building-up processes (e.g., termite mounds), produced(More)
A 59-year-old kidney recipient was diagnosed with a late onset of severe chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy and almost fully recovered after stopping tacrolimus and one course of intravenous immunoglobulin treatment. Unique features of this patient are the unusually long time lapse between initiation of tacrolimus and the adverse(More)
Inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis offers the opportunity for treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Numerous enzymes are involved in the post-squalene part of this biosynthesis, and selective inhibitors for almost all of the enzymes involved there have been described in literature. The only exception is the enzyme lathosterol oxidase (EC, for(More)
  • Anne Zangerlé, Delphine Renard, José Iriarte, Luz Elena Suarez Jimenez, Kisay Lorena Adame Montoya, Jérôme Juilleret +1 other
  • 2016
The formation, functioning and emergent properties of patterned landscapes have recently drawn increased attention, notably in semi-arid ecosystems. We describe and analyze a set of similarly spectacular landforms in seasonal tropical wetlands. Surales landscapes, comprised of densely packed, regularly spaced mounds, cover large areas of the Orinoco Llanos.(More)
Digoxin intoxication results in predominantly digestive, cardiac and neurological symptoms. This case is outstanding in that the intoxication occurred in a nonagenarian and induced severe, extensively documented visual symptoms as well as dysphagia and proprioceptive illusions. Moreover, it went undiagnosed for a whole month despite close medical follow-up,(More)
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