Delphine Louis

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1. In a concentration-dependent manner neuropeptide Y was found to be a potent inhibitor of the spontaneous activation of human granulocytes and macrophages as well as Mytilus edulis immunocytes. 2. Neuropeptide Y also inhibited the chemotaxic response of these immunocytes to the chemoattractant f-MLP. 3. Incubation of both the human and the invertebrate(More)
BACKGROUND Urogenital schistosomiasis is caused by the helminth parasite Schistosoma haematobium. In high transmission areas, children acquire schistosome infection early in life with infection levels peaking in early childhood and subsequently declining in late childhood. This age-related infection profile is thought to result from the gradual development(More)
Consider a charged, perfect quantum gas, in the effective mass approximation, and in the grand-canonical ensemble. We prove in this paper that the generalized magnetic susceptibilities admit the thermodynamic limit for all admissible fugacities, uniformly on compacts included in the analyticity domain of the grand-canonical pressure. The problem and the(More)
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