Delphine Longuet

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Automated test data generation is an important method for the verification and validation of UML/OCL specifications. In this paper, we present an extension of DNF-based test case generation methods to class models and recursive query operations on them. A key feature of our approach is an implicit representation of object graphs avoiding a representation(More)
! Abstract—We apply automata theory to specifying behavioral interfaces of objects and show how to check schedulability and compatibility of real time asynchronous objects. The behavioral interfaces of real time objects specify (the order and timings of) the messages an object may send and receive. Each object is checked against its behavioral interface;(More)
We propose a theoretical framework for testing concurrent systems from true concurrency models like Petri nets or networks of au-tomata. The underlying model of computation of such formalisms are labeled event structures, which allow to represent concurrency explicitly. The activity of testing relies on the definition of a conformance relation that depends(More)
This paper deals with test case selection from axiomatic specifications whose axioms are quantifier-free first-order formulae. Test cases are modeled as ground formulae and any specification has an exhaustive test data set whose successful submission means correctness, provided that the software under verification can be modeled as a first-order structure(More)
Model-based testing has mainly focused on models where currency is interpreted as interleaving (like the ioco theory for labeled transition systems), which may be too coarse when one wants concurrency to be preserved in the implementation. In order to test such concurrent systems, we choose to use Petri nets as specifications and define a concurrent(More)
In this paper, we present a temporal logic called /spl Fscr/ whose interpretation is over input output symbolic transition systems (IOSTS). IOSTS extend transition systems to communications and data in order to tackle communications with system environment. /spl Fscr/ is then defined as an extension of temporal logic CTL* (a temporal logic which mixes(More)
This paper deals with test case selection from axiomatic specifications whose axioms are quantifier-free first-order formulas with equality. We first prove the existence of an ideal exhaustive test set to start the selection from. We then propose an extension of the test selection method called axiom unfolding, originally defined for algebraic(More)