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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the predictive value of muscle strength and physical performance in the oldest old for all-cause mortality; hospitalization; and the onset of disability, defined as a decline in activities of daily living (ADLs), independent of muscle mass, inflammatory markers, and comorbidities. DESIGN A prospective, observational,(More)
Connectivity is classically considered an emergent property of landscapes encapsulating individuals' flows across space. However, its operational use requires a precise understanding of why and how organisms disperse. Such movements, and hence landscape connectivity, will obviously vary according to both organism properties and landscape features. We review(More)
The large white butterfly, Pieris brassicae, shows a seasonal polyphenism of wing melanisation, spring individuals being darker than summer individuals. This phenotypic plasticity is supposed to be an adaptive response for thermoregulation in natural populations. However, the variation in individuals' response, the cause of this variation (genetic, non(More)
BACKGROUND the prevalence of sarcopenia varies widely between studies. The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of sarcopenia in a representative sample of persons aged 80 years and older according to the European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older People (EWGSOP) algorithm and the proposed cut-off values. A secondary aim was to(More)
BACKGROUND In coming decades the proportion of very elderly people living in the Western world will dramatically increase. This forthcoming "grey epidemic" will lead to an explosion of chronic diseases. In order to anticipate booming health care expenditures and to assure that social security is funded in the future, research focusing on the relationship(More)
The main consequence of the loss of MM and muscle strength is limitations of physical performance and disability in older people. It is unclear whether a decline in functional capacity results from the loss of MM and/or the qualitative impairment of the muscle tissue. The aim of our research was to investigate the relationship between physical performance(More)
We read with interest the review paper on aspirin and clopidogrel resistance by Wang et al.1 We agree that it is an emerging entity with important clinical implications. Nevertheless, we were surprised that very little emphasis was put on the antiplatelet agent resistance of diabetic patients. Only one short sentence mentioned that hyperglycaemia may(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) increases with age, and new glomerular filtration rate-estimating equations have recently been validated. The epidemiology of CKD in older individuals and the relationship between a low estimated glomerular filtration rate as calculated by these equations and adverse outcomes remains unknown. (More)
Long-term persistence of species characterized by a reduced effective population size is still a matter of debate that would benefit from the description of new relevant biological models. The island endemic specialist Drosophila sechellia has received considerable attention in evolutionary genetic studies. On the basis of the analysis of a limited number(More)
Drosophila sechellia is closely related to the cosmopolitan and widespread model species, D. simulans. This species, endemic to the Seychelles archipelago, is specialized on the fruits of Morinda citrifolia, and harbours the lowest overall genetic diversity compared to other species of Drosophila. This low diversity is associated with a small population(More)