Delphine Haddad

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UNLABELLED The infrahyoid flap is used in head and neck reconstruction, especially in oral defect. This study is designed to determine vascular pedicles and innervation of the infrahyoid muscles and flap. MATERIALS AND METHOD The neck regions of 12 injected cadavers were investigated bilaterally. RESULTS The arterial pedicles of the infrahyoid muscles(More)
Intracranial lipomas are rare lesions. Intracranial lipoma associated with a subcutaneous lipoma is extremely rare. Various abnormalities have been described in association with intracranial lipoma, mainly vascular in nature. We report the case of an association of intra and extracranial lipoma in a 1-month-old child. Surgical treatment and histology are(More)
Dercum's disease or adiposis dolorasa is unusual and unknown. Four symptoms are typical. It is characterized by painful subcutaneous fatty tumors in postmenopausal woman. We present this disease through the study of an uncommon clinical case: a sceptic choc following the "steato-cutaneous-necrosis" of a fatty tumor. The disease remains rare. The etiology is(More)
The authors compared ioversol 300 to iopamidol 300 by double blind study in patients undergoing enhanced computed body tomography. There was no significant difference in clinical tolerance and efficacy between the two products. Only minor reactions were recorded in both groups. Contrast media were not considered to be responsible for the poor diagnostic(More)
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