Delphine Guillaumet

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Using an original CEP stabilization technique based on the linear electro-optical effect in a specific crystal, we achieved long term CEP stabilization of a 20 W, 1 kHz laser with residual noise as low as 440 mrad (rms). At 3 W, the CEP shot to shot noise is kept as low as 320 mrad (rms) over half an hour.
We present single shot nanoscale imaging using a table-top femtosecond soft X-ray laser harmonic source at a wavelength of 32 nm. We show that the phase retrieval process in coherent diffractive imaging critically depends on beam quality. Coherence and image fidelity are measured from single-shot coherent diffraction patterns of isolated nano-patterned(More)
Rubidium titanyl phosphate (RTP) is widely used for electro-optical applications at low switching voltages. RTP is nonhygroscopic and does not induce piezoelectric ringing up to the megahertz range. It has large electro-optic (EO) coefficients and a high damage threshold. We present here the EO coefficient wavelength dispersion measurements in the [550,950](More)
Smith and later Liu et al have detailed an analysis of the three wave-mixing ultra-broadband phase matching (PM) condition using the concept of pulse-front tilt (PFT). We applied their model to design an original set-up for high power achromatic fs noncollinear (NC) second harmonic generation (SHG) with PFT in Beta-Barium Borate (BBO) and Lithium Triborate(More)
Over the last several years, a lot of work has been completed to develop Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilization of chirped pulse amplification (CPA) laser systems. There is now a large variety of systems. Those using prisms or transmission gratings based stretchers-compressors are limited to pulse energy lower than 5 mJ [1,2]. Those using reflection(More)
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