Delphine Decker

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Treatment of cancer patients with 3-h infusions of taxol formulated with Cremophor EL resulted in a marked decrease in the electrophoretic mobility of all plasma lipoproteins. Cremophor was fractionated by reverse-phase chromatography to determine which components were responsible for this behavior. Effects of different Cremophor fractions on reversal of(More)
High amounts of endo-β-mannanase (EC activity were extracted from tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) fruits when a high-salt-containing buffer was used. Two pI forms of the fruit enzyme were identified, one being much more basic than the many seed isoforms. The number of isoforms increased if a protease inhibitor was not used during(More)
A three-dimensional human tissue model has been developed in our laboratory and used as a substrate for assessing ocular cytotoxicity and irritancy potential. The full-thickness model is a co-culture of dermal fibroblasts and epithelial cells (keratinocytes). Metabolically and mitotically active fibroblasts are seeded onto medical-grade nylon mesh, where(More)
The availability of an in vitro test system to replace animal testing of potential irritants is becoming more and more urgent especially in Europe as a consequence of the European Community Cosmetics Directive. To evaluate the ability of Advanced Tissue Sciences' (ATS) ZK1301 skin model to predict the skin irritation potential of surfactants, we performed a(More)
A three-dimensional human tissue model (Skin(2) ZK1100) was used to evaluate 43 adult and baby shampoos. The ZK1100 model consists of metabolically active proliferating human fibroblasts isolated from the dermis of neonatal foreskins and seeded onto a nylon mesh. The fibroblasts multiply and produce matrix proteins to form a living tissue. MTT reduction(More)
The problem of organic chemicals in drinking water has been well known since 1974-1975 when the National Organics Reconnaissance Survey (NORS) and the National Organics Monitoring Survey (NOMS) showed that drinking water contaminated by organics could be found throughout the nation. Of special concern are the trihalomethanes (THMs) one of which, chloroform,(More)
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