Delphine Dahan

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We investigate the hypothesis that duration and spectral differences in vowels before voiceless versus voiced codas originate from a single source, namely the reorganization of articulatory gestures relative to one another in time. As a test case, we examine the American English diphthong /aɪ/, in which the acoustic manifestations of the nucleus /a/ and(More)
Research Interests • Development of the link between word-form and meaning in infancy • Acquisition of early vocabulary items and semantic categories • Learning mechanisms and representations in first language acquisition • Parallels in representation and processing of language and music • Effects of word comprehension and production on visual search
French is characterized by the presence of a final stress at the end of rhythmic groups. Lexical processing could be facilitated for words whose right boundary also corresponds to the rhythmic-group boundary. Sentences were constructed with a target syllable at various positions relative to word and rhythmic-group boundaries. These sentences were presented(More)
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