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The present study examined, in mice, whether regional patterns of brain monoamines concentrations (DA, 5-HT and their metabolites) and expression of c-Fos protein, that may represent a prolonged functional change in neurons, could be changed after a combined exposure to stress and the peripheral cholinesterase reversible inhibitor pyridostigmine (PYR).(More)
In order to better understand the effects of repeated low-dose exposure to organophosphorus (OPs) on physiological and behavioural functions, we analysed the levels of endogenous monoamines (serotonin and dopamine) in different brain areas after repeated exposure of mice to sublethal dose of soman. Animals were injected once a day for 3 days with 0.12 LD50(More)
—Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are increasingly gaining impact in our day to day lives. They are finding a wide range of applications in various domains, including health-care, assisted and enhanced-living scenarios, industrial and production monitoring, control networks, and many other fields. In future, WSNs are expected to be integrated into the "(More)
In current online social networks (OSNs) such as Facebook, a new connection request usually only includes the name and photo of the requestor and possibly a list of mutual contacts. Given that the creation of a forged user profile is not too complicated, it is challenging to verify if the contact request is indeed genuine or from a forged account. Accepting(More)
—The deployment of wireless sensor networks may endanger the privacy of people monitored on purpose or unintentionally. To enhance the control of the surveilled people over their privacy, we propose to introduce a fine-grained access control scheme on monitored data. Towards this end, we design an architecture relying on granular access control and(More)
This investigation compared the efficacy of diazepam and the water-soluble prodiazepam-avizafone-in sarin poisoning therapy. Guinea pigs, pretreated with pyridostigmine 0.1 mg/kg, were intoxicated with 4LD(50) of sarin (s.c. route) and 1 min after intoxication treated by intramuscular injection of atropine (3 or 33.8 mg/kg), pralidoxime (32 mg/kg) and(More)
In a previous report, alterations of the serotonin metabolism were previously reported in mice intoxicated with repeated low doses of soman. In order to better understand the effects induced by repeated low-dose exposure to organophosphorus compounds on physiological and behavioural functions, the levels of endogenous monoamines (serotonin and dopamine) in(More)
—An increasing number of buildings are equipped with embedded sensing systems in order to capture what is happening within. These smart buildings process collected sensor data to increase user comfort and safety, cater for ambient assisted living, or help the residents save energy. However, saving energy is not always beneficial to the power grid,(More)
Building a smart world requires solution towards this collaboration, like communication among heterogeneous entities which pose challenges like architecture, data fusion, security and identifying useful information. Research in this area is open with endless issues in hand. Generalization of the common data format is required. In this paper challenges and(More)
The Morris water-maze has been designed to test spatial orientation ability, learning and memory processes. In order to improve the analyse of the organization of the trajectory of rats, during the training phase, a computer program was elaborated. The study of the effect of a benzodiazepine, diazepam, was chosen to illustrate and validate this(More)